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Why Royal Paints?

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Environment-friendly paints are defined by their low volatile organic compound (VOC) levels. VOCs are the toxic fumes emitted from most synthetic-based paints and are the reason behind the smell of paint. VOCs can be harmful to people and the environment, not just throughout the manufacturing process, but also during and after paint application, and have been blamed for various health complaints.

Royal Paints ecofren products are formulated without formaldehyde, cadmium, chromium and other harmful ingredients that threaten the wellbeing of our customers, their loved ones, and the environment. When using Royal paints ecofren products, you can be assured that the common health complaints such as asthma attacks, eye irritation and other respiratory problems associated with excessive exposure to paint fumes will be a thing of the past.

Also, investing in environmental-friendly paints makes sound economic sense in the long run.

Effortless Painting

Why Royal Paints?


Is your time and effort valuable? If your answer is yes, then surely, the product you choose to use is extremely important. A good quality paint or finish like ours will be easier to use, thus saving you time and labour by requiring fewer coats. Royal Paints products, formulated with the innovative technology provide:

High opacity to effectively cover any unwanted dark surfaces. Excellent coverage results in less paint used over a wider surface area. Plus, the fast drying properties in our products mean that your painting task is completed in a much lesser time.