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Modern Comtemporary Style

The Modern Contemporary Style look is often minimalistic and subdued. It generally features deep, rich tones and earthy colours such as Turquoise, Tinky Winky and Brown Ranger. This colour palette, used in your dining room, living room or bedroom, will combine well with today's furnishing style.


Classical Style

The classic colour palette is inspired by nature. Consider bold colours like Wild Iris and Burgundy, as well as softer, muted shades like Antique White and Lily White to create a luxurious feel for your bedroom or living room. Dress up the space with rich leather furnishings and textured fabrics.


Eccentric Style

This Colour Concept reflects an upbeat passion for life. Colours lie Pretty Pink and Soft Butter work well with high-contrast neutrals like Seven Seas and Bunny White to showcase artistic flair adn youthfulness. You could use this concept in your living room, kitchen or even your child's bedroom


Cool Colours

Cool colours such as Sky Cloud, Storm Blue and Chardonnay bring about a sense of calm and spaciousness, and are reflective of the environment around us.


Neutral Colours

Neutral colours in various shades of grey, beige, cream or white result in a look that is clean and elegant. They blend in easily with most surroundings, yet offer unlimited versatility.


Warm colours

Want your home's exterior to stand out from the rest of your neighbours? Colours like Mona Lisa and Cocoa Milk are example of warm colours which tend to make you think of sunlight, heat, passion and strength.


Mix & Match


Colours shown are as close as possible to the actual colours, these may vary according to your computer’s screen resolution and settings. Please refer to Royal Paints colour card for the exact colour.

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