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Our Wide Range of Fillers

Harmony Stucco Putty

Harmony Stucco Putty is a co-polymer-based undercoat formulated with pigments of alkali resistance properties. The product is a highly loaded composition. The product is recommended for use mainly for fillings surface irregularities, construction flaws, indentations, and hairline cracks.

Harmony Super Filler

Harmony Super Filler is a super quality jointing compound in the pre-mixed, ready-to-use flexible paste for gypsum panel joints. the product is highly recommended for use on gypsum panels, and plaster for gypsum panel joints. Harmony super filler is recommended for use on gypsum panels, plaster, cement, and concrete. the product has a superior work ability and provides a high-quality smooth finish to correct surfaces, fissures cracks, and corner beads in all types of interior and exterior surfaces.

Harmony Gypsum Filler (content req)

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